Study: Men Would Keel Over And Die Without Internet

A recent study by Hall and Partners for Break Media finds that while 31 percent of American men between the ages of 18-35 say they couldn’t live without a television, 69 percent insist they couldn’t live without the Internet. 

Over at Epicenter, they find it “eye-opening” that only 74 percent of the men in the survey said they would rather have sex than surf the web. “What’s up with the other 26 percent?” Wired wants to know. I’ll tell you what’s up with the other 26 percent. They’re watching Internet pornography.

The Internet is an even bigger draw for teenagers, who are the largest consumers of online porn. As I write in America Anonymous (where I profile a college student addicted to pornography and escorts), sex addiction expert Patrick Carnes is getting more and more calls each week from parents who are shocked to discover that their 12-year-old kid is watching thirty hours of online pornography a week. “Even when confronted about it,” Carnes told me, “the kids can’t stop.”

If you’re an adult and can’t stop, be sure to pick up a copy of The Porn Trap, by my friend Wendy Maltz.

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